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Wow! Look at these fruits!

After sharing this blog post with a number of pastors, one senior Pastor Ang shared with me these pictures. It's so wonderful to see the photographs of what came out of a small plot of land in her own garden!

Praise the Lord! At the request of a sister-in-Christ, Lovelle, Pastor Ang allowed her and a few friends to do some gardening on a regular basis.

Anyway, I have always complained why Malaysia has so much land to grow trees which are unproductive, but no one bothers to grow fruit trees. We are also blessed with so much sunlight and rain, yet the country still has to import food from other countries.

Just look at what they have produced! Click to view:

Now, I was just talking about the idea of using the land around a particular church. Guess what? Now, Lovelle has offered to meet with the church people to see how she can assist them.

Lovelle has learnt about the 200 square feet square concept for End Times food security. Divide the land into four smaller squares. On one plot, grow vegetables; on the second plot, grow fruit trees; on the third plot, rear quails (instead of chicken) for the meat and eggs; and keep the fourth plot to rear fish. This, according to her, is self-sufficient.

My idea which I shared with the church earlier was about bringing together their senior citizens (especially those whose children leave them at home during the day). Let them have their tea, fellowship, perhaps, a game of chess together. Do some simple horticulture to keep themselves occupied. Create some job opportunities for them, especially for the older ladies who can still drive around to provide pay-as-you-ride services to the community. This will give them some form of income while making themselves useful.

Let's pray and see what can come out of this idea. Hope that more churches blessed with land would do something productive with their premises on weekdays.

To encourage you, read this blog post to see what the others have produced. END.

As this is a blogpost, I have not spent too much time polishing up the English.

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