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One of our major interests is to produce books for people who have a story to tell. They do not need to be important or well-known figures, but ordinary people who have a story to tell, a legacy to leave behind for their children and their grandchildren.

We have often explained to our clients that the money spent on printing 500 copies of the book may be worth much more than buying a plot of burial ground costing tens of thousands of RInggit.

With our services, you can either have your story written as a biography or an autobiography. If you would like your book written for you as the author, you will need a ghostwriter. In some cases, the name of the writer may also appear on the book cover as well, but the copyrights of the book belongs to you.

If you prefer your story to be told from a third person's perspective, we can also produce your biography based on your personal account. In some cases, we may have to reconstruct the stories of people who have passed on based on input by their children, or contemporaries.  

Besides printing the final draft of the book, you can also consider doing it as an e-book on a website for wider readership.

We can also organise a media launch for your book. View one such event. 

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You Can't Read Hebrew - Let me prove you

View more sample of books written by author. 

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