By offering a wide range of services involving our associates, we help you to reduce the hassles of dealing with too many suppliers especially when handling your turnkey projects.

Media Consultancy


This is one of our forté. Getting news of your organisation into the media has to be a mutually beneficial experience for both parties.



We provide copywriting for below-the-line (BTL) materials such as brochures, flyers and magazines.  

CSR Events 


Any CSR events that are carried out by your staff must be done out of sincerity of the heart. This will add value to your organisation. Our job is to propose an event with a good news angle, which can be carried out to help a group of people in our community.



We provide both contents and layout of books, autobiographies and biographies until the finished product is off from the press (either digital or offset). 



We have designers who are involved in various kinds of graphics and design work that would meet your organisation's needs.


Website development is a time consuming process. We will work with your organisation to provide contents that will enhance your organisation's communication strategies.