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Help Improve National Food Securirty and Reduce Inflation

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Dear Pastors, Seminary Principals, Church / Cell Leaders, Brothers and Sisters

We know that the country is suffering from high inflation yet are we doing sometihng about it?

Allow me to share some ideas with pastors. There are over 100 pastors in this broadcast list, and each pastor may represent anything between 100 to 3000 members. If each church is able to produce just one tonne of papayas and one tonne of jackfruits, just think how much we can produce collectively. Didn't the Lord say, "Be fruitful and multiply" not only to the first human couple, but also to the plants and animals?

Let the Government then help the farmers to export their local fruits to Singapore, where the fruits can be a good source of vitamins for them too. Farmers can also earn in Sing Dollars for their produce.

You can plant these fruit trees either in your church compound or encourage each member to at least plant a few fruit trees in their homes. If they are living in the condominiums, they can encourage their management to start planting fruit trees.

People living on landed properties can also suggest to their resident associations to plant these fruit trees. Look at the feedback I received from people who read this post.

Why papayas and jackfruits?

These are the two easiest fruit trees to plant for someone who has no green fingers like me. This is just a good starting point.

For the past six months or more, we have been able to enjoy the papayas and bless our neighbours, too. Organically grown papayas are also a lot sweeter. It's also a good way to throw your food wastes. Just dig a hole next to the papaya tree and put a container with a cover. Make sure that the other end is open to the soil. (Click the photo below to read more)

Jackfruits are also not difficult to grow. The trees are not big compared to the rambutan trees, but one fruit can be shared out with many families. You can also give away to the orphanages and homes for the elderly.

Ideas of What You can Do with the Fruits

  • Enjoy the fruits every now and then.

  • Give them to neighbours.

  • Give the fruits to orphanages and homes for the elderly.

  • Sell them in church to raise funds for charity.

  • Provide them for fruits fellowship meetings for your cell groups and Alpha meetings.

  • Give them to seminaries nearby where the student pastors can enjoy the fruits.

  • Give them to schools so that kids can enjoy the local fruits. Spend an hour or so to supervise and you will see the children enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Please share this idea to all your church members and friends. It is just ONE link that you share on your chat group or broadcast list.

Let's start with something simple first. And if we can make an impact, others may also follow the trend that we set.

Maybe by next Christmas, you can have your Jackfruit Christmas trees on your church compound (any creative person can easily think of how to turn the jackfruit or papaya tree into a Christmas tree with the Christmas deco).

And, have a Christmas event with all these fruits served directly from the tree? If you do, please invite the press.

May the Lord bless this project since He has already given us so much sunshine and rain!

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