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Teaching the young to appreciate Mother Nature

Updated: Mar 5

Click on this image to see all the resources Rosli Omar has put together for young people.

IN an effort to conserve the environment, activist Rosli Omar published two books showcasing the natural heritage that Malaysians need to learn to appreciate.

These books are no longer available as hard copies, but you can still view samples of his books by clicking on the photographs below:

You will be mesmerised when you see all the beautiful birds and butterflies in our tropical rainforests. Click on the images below to view the photographs.

You can explore and appreciate God's creations. Click on this image to go to the link. There is an icon on the left hand top corner of the webpage that, when you click,

this menu will appear and you can explore more.

If your school or university would like to explore more, you can organise talks to educate the young people about the need to protect our national heritage before it is all gone due to deforestation and mining activities.

Rosli Omar can be invited to give talks. Email him at

You can organise field trips for your school or university to the KL Butterfly Park.

Or, visit My Backyard Garden in Sungai Pelek if you are interested to learn more about the beautiful Malaysian butterflies from Raymond Lim. His email contact is:

Click image to view the Facebook posts

Educate the young

Save the planet

Before it is too late!

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