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Is there room for a young talent?

We view it as part of corporate social responsibility to include some young talents into projects that we manage for our clients. 

To nurture a group of young talents, we should consider giving them jobs that they can handle and be paid for it. Here are some talents that you can use.

Disclaimer: As these promoted talents are students, their availability may be subjected to a number of factors. Thus, delivery will be ascertained on per job basis. However, by hiring a younger person (at a very reasonable charged out rate) for the job, you are encouraging them by giving them the opportunity.

Perhaps, with some grooming, Renee can appear as a young talent on your product video?

Shaun on his laptop.jpg

Shaun may be only 12 (2021), but he can create websites for you for a token sum of RM200-500. 

Outdoorsy 18-year-old (2021) Ranen's photographs can be used for illustration purposes for a small fee. You can also contact him directly to do some photoshoot for you during his spare time. Please contact him directly:
Click on the image to view the photographs on Flickr. -->


Shiki Khoo is only 16 years old (2021). Her cartoon/manga styled artwork can be used for book illustrations or for magazine articles. Contact her directly:

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