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What is Project Restoration?

PROJECT RESTORATION is about the civilians bringing together the police and the 'thieves' to work hand-in-hand to plant trees, with a dual message that we are also restoring our ex-drug addcits back to soceity....

SOME 20 years ago, I invited the chairman of Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation, Mr (now, Tan Sri) Lee Lam Thye for our Project Restoration at my housing estate. 

        There is nothing fanciful about the name. It simply means restoring what was originally there.

        We planted trees that were supplied by British Petroleum (BP Malaysia) at the park in our housing estate and after all these  years, the trees have all grown up to be very big and beautiful. They provide good shade especially for those who wanted to do their morning walk. 

        Project Restoration is about bringing restoration to an area. When development comes a new place, all the trees had to give way to the new development. The same with anyone who goes into drugs. They are like trees that are uprooted from society. 

        The project tries to involve the police on one hand and ex-drug addicts on the other hand, working together to plant the trees. 

        Holding both their hands are civilians like you and me. We are bringing healing to these ex-drug addicts to help them know that they are now welcome back to society.

        It is no longer police and 'thieves'. It is about restoring the ex-drug addicts back to society just like the exercise of re-planting the trees.

Previously we planted trees that were approved by the local councils. Now, we need to think about planting fruit trees to help the need to reduce import of fruits from overseas.

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