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6 November 2008:


Nehemiah To Go For Listing When Time Is Right (Bernama)

Nehemiah To Go For Listing When Time Is Right (

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7 November 2008:

Nehemiah Plans Overseas Expansion (Bernama)

Nehemiah Plans Overseas Expansion (MySinChew.Com)

Nehemiah targets 30% Overseas Revenue (New Straits Times)

Nehemiah to go for listing when time is right (MySarawak)

Wall Builder Nehemiah to Expand Overseas Next Year (

Nehemiah to Go Listing When Time is Right (Borneo Post)

8 November 2008:

Nehemiah Plans Overseas Expansion (Daily Express, Sabah) PDF format

Nehemiah targets Bursa listing, overseas expansion (New Straits Times) PDF format

進軍海外市場 (Oriental Daily) PFD format

Nehemiah To Expand Overseas (Borneo Post)

10 November 2008:

Tingkatkan Pendapatan (Berita Harian)


9 December 2008:

Landslides Are Preventable, Says Geo-technical Engineering Authority (Bernama)

Tanah Runtuh Boleh Dielak, Kata Pakar (Bernama)

Most landslides can be prevented, says engineer (The Sun)


10 December 2008:

Minister's response to Dr. Nehemiah Lee's proposal (New Straits Times)

Minister responded to Dr. Nehemiah Lee's proposal (The Edge)

14 December 2008:

Nehemiah akan disenaraikan pada masa sesuai

22 December 2008:

Manager@Work (The Edge)

It's all about space creation and slope protection (Malaysian Business)

Environmental preservation with reinforced soil technology (Institution of Engineers Bulletin, Jurutera.)

Asian Beacon

Oriental Daily

Shoring Up the World (StarMag) (29 March 2009)  

GTI's DoctorJob 

Sunway University College's blaze magazine (June 2009 edition)

New Straits Times (2 September 2009)

Radio Interview on BFM89.9 (21 October 2009)

TV Interview

Astro Awani

Bernama TV

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Dr. Nehemiah Lee, on BFM Radio 89.9FM, 2Freda Liu
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2009-10-21_OpenforBusiness_2BFM Open for Business
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Dear Stephen,We are fully satisfied with your performance as a media strategist. You have strong network with the media people. You have a knack of finding worthy news and provide refreshing angle to attract readers.


You are energetic and carry out your work with passion. In addition you are a good photographer as well. And you always seek to give additional input to the service you provide thus giving clients good value for their money. I am more than happy to engage your service again and again.

Ir. Dr. Nehemiah Lee Managing Director Nehemiah Reinforced Soil Sdn Bhd

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