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Stephen Ng

 Marketing Consultant, Media Strategist

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Author & Ghostwriter

One of the forté of Stephen Ng is writing and publishing books on behalf of the clients.


With over 20 years of experience writing various kinds of books in English, Ng will be able to assist you to write and publish books at a reasonable fee. The same books can be translated into Mandarin and Malay.

He has a strong passion to write biographies and autobiographies. For many years, he has urged people to let their legacy be told in the form of a book for the future generations. An autobiography is worth more than the money people spend on their burial plots as it can be read by many generations to come.

Biographies of a deceased member of the family can also be reconstructed and preserved as a legacy. Anything is possible these days!

With the wide usage of platforms such as Zoom, interviews can now be done conveniently online these days, making it possible even for books to be written in Malaysia and printed in client's own country.

Books on any subject can be written and produced on behalf of individuals or companies.


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Track Record

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Organising CSR Events 

What is a Ghostwriter?

What does a Ghostwriter do?


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Stephen Ng was the ghostwriter of the biography of Lim Kok Wing: His-tory

2010 - present

2010 - present

(as editor)

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Biblical Languages

You Can't Read Hebrew - Let me prove you

Coffee Table Books

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ICT Conference Handbook

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