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Why blog?

WWW.MARKET-EAGLES.COM comes along with a blog feature. However, if you look at the menu of the website, you will notice that the blog is not visible. This is set on purpose so that the blog posts do not grab the attention of any visitor to the website.

For your organisation's events, it is good to create a blog and here are the reasons:

(a) If photographs or videos are viralled out, it will take up a lot of space on the mobile phone, both yours and that of the recipients. It is also time consuming having to delete the videos and images on each chat. And once deleted, the recipient will not be able to view the image whereas a link can be deleted by the sender, yet it will not be erased from the recipient's chat.

(b) In case of any mistake, corrections can always be on the blog. Or if the event is cancelled, or postponed, it can be announced effectively to everyone who received the post earlier.

You won't have to send out again to everyone. The problem arises when the post have been viralled by a number of other people and you won't have any control over the content.

(c) You can also post the video recording once the online session on Zoom or other platforms is done. You only need to send one blogpost URL to everyone, and they will not disturb you anymore to ask for the video. To video the recording, they only need to click on the same link where the recording now replaces the date/time of the session. For the records, you may want to retain the date and time when the online session was conducted. (d) Besides the blog post that people will receive, they may click on other pages of the website. Curiousity would almost immediately prompt them to click on other things on the menu. This is what we want them to do -- to find out more about our business or activities. For example, when you receive this blogpost, and you notice there is a menu, won't you want to find out more what we do?

(e) You are driving traffic to your website. What is the point of setting up a website unless it is discovered by more people?

(f) You can also see how many people have viewed your blog post.

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