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Let us think of the disabled people in our midst this Chinese New Year

Updated: Mar 4

By Stephen Ng

At every festive season, there is always short video clips produced by big corporations with the budget they have for their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Instead of the usual "Happy Chinese New Year" and lots of prosperity messages, one of these short videos carries with it a message from the heart of one deaf person to the hearts of all who watch it.

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The video clip I am referring to is oooo produced by Maybank that makes us think about the disabled community in our midst. Do watch it, and see how a disabled person feels about the festive season. Spare a thought for them this New Year!

Meanwhile, here is our usual greeting,

From all of us

Working hard together

As fellow associates of Market-Eagles

As a one-stop centre

To meet your communication needs.

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This is indeed a bonus from these "political brats" of ours, who can speak Mandarin better than some of us who are Chinese!

We checked the calendar: Bravo, No General Election in the next six months!

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