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Note: This is a company website that is being maximised also for ministry work. At the same time, we pray that this will also generate some bread and butter in getting more jobs for us during these tough times.

One same link to manage this online event.

1. Make sure you register fast. To register :

You can click on the image file to open the registration form. If the registration is closed, it is because you did not register early enough. There is nothing we can do as we are third parties.

2. Please keep this link for future UPDATES to the event. I have been informed that there may be changes to the date/time.

3. If there is a video recording, and the link shared with us, we will post it here as well.

Read this blogpost if you want to better manage the publicity for your church online events.

Click here for another event on June 24, 2022 (12.30PM): "CORRUPTION-FREE LIFE IS IMPOSSIBLE! Who told you so?"

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