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One-Stop Centre


Now, we are a one-stop agency offering a wide range of services.

From media and marketing campaigns, to writing press releases, speeches and organising CSR-related events, we have extended our services to include copywriting, comic illustrations, professional photography, web designs, and other creative communication work, and to the final production of books, magazines, company annual reports and coffee table books using either digital or offset printing.


In short, we can handle a number of turnkey projects for you, our esteemed clients. 

We have a team of dedicated Market Eagles, who are experts in their respective areas and capable to help you build a strong brand presence in your targeted market segment.


Because we operate as associates, with low overheads, we are more cost-effective than the bigger agencies. 

Browse our website to find out more about how you can utilise our services.


Yoong & Ng Consulting 


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