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Creative Writing
 Classes for children & teenagers

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it possible for this author of over 20 books to teach a group of children and teenagers from the youngest at 9 years old to the olders at 15. This is done over Zoom, without parents having to send their kids to a tuition centre. 

Over a period of two years, your kid will learn:

Phase One
The different styles of writing -- from fiction to non-fiction, and from 
drama, speech, research, advertising copy, video script, to writing a simple business proposal and letters to the editor. They also create their own blogs and for the more creative and motivated kids, they can also produce advertising videos for real clients for a small fee. 

This is to give your child a good reason that they must learn to write well while they are still young.

There will be two assignments in a month. I will edit or rewrite the article for them, if necessary, to show them how they should write better, Good articles get published in MiniZine.

Phase Two

In Phase Two, I will be introducing a series of interesting topics to broaden your child's horizon. This will give them the substance of what to write.


Topic include: 

  • So, you want to be a Lawyer?

  • Understanding the Upper and Lower Courts

  • Understanding General Election and Parliament 

  • World War I & II 

  • What on earth is History! 

  • Relating Mathematics to the Real World

  • A Lifelong Journey of Learning 

  • What's Share Market?

  • What's Economics?

  • Relevance of Science 

  • Why study geography? 

  • What's it like to be a University Student?

  • and lots more!

These are topics that your children will never learn in school. For example, the kids who were with me for two years, learnt what causes inflation. They then learn to do some research and write about inflation. 


They also get to learn that there are magistrate courts, sessions courts, High Courts, Appellate Courts and Federal Courts, besides learning how to use the correct terms such as Prosecution Counsel, Defence Counsel, Accused, Plantiff and Defendant. 


Young people are taught about bull run, bearish market, and how the share market operate. 

For only RM120 a month (4 x 1.5 hours), give your child the exposure and invaluable experience you will not get anywhere. I develop this programme over a period of tw years. 

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Register Your Children:

Our Classes will begin on the first Saturday on 1 April 2023 (4.30pm-6.00pm)

RM120 per child (Malaysia)

SGD100 per child


Age Group: 9-15 years old

To view articles published in newspapers and magazines:

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You may want to read some of the articles on this simple website created by a 12-year-old boy:

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