Our Father


When God called Father Abraham out of Ur of the Chaldeans, in an act of simple faith, the great patriarch travelled hundreds of kilometers to a faraway land. The rest, as we know it, is biblical history.

Similarly, when God called our Father, or “Papa”, as we fondly address him, he too took the step of faith and left India for a greener pasture. The KJ Family today is the result of this one man, who arrived in Malaya when it was still under the British rule. He saw Malaya becoming an Independent nation, and proudly took on the citizenship of this new nation, and together with his children, contributed to the welfare and progress of this country.

This is Datuk K. K. John, our Father. For reasons you will find out later in this book, he became known as Datuk K. J. Kuruvilla or Datuk John Kuruvilla.

The decision to settle in Malaysia took him on a roller coaster, going through thick and thin, and facing the many challenges, troubles and adventures that life has to offer to this man, who had little to begin with, but made a great deal of sacrifices for the sake of his family. This is where he has done well with flying colours, demonstrating a lot of courage, modesty and humility.

Life in a new country was a never meant to be an easy journey, but with a pioneering spirit like his and an unwavering faith in God’s providence, our Father stood firm to his principles. He is now approaching the end of the race.

In every sense, this book is also a testimony of God’s amazing grace and His unfathomable love, as reflected in the lives of our beloved parents. As our God is the same yesterday, today and forever, in very much the same way, we are now seeing His unfailing love and care being continuously showered upon us every day. Our God is alive!

We pray that this book will hopefully preserve a living legacy for our grandchildren, and the many generations of the KJ Family to follow.

On this auspicious occasion when this book is launched, as his children and his grandchildren, we salute our Father – “Happy 90th Birthday, Papa! We love you.” How we wish that Mummy is also with us on this special day, but we know for a fact that she is with us in spirit!

God Bless.

The KJ Family


7th April 2009.














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