By tradition, each of the children has an official name as well as a pet name that was used at home.

For example, eldest son, Vijayan is officially known as K. J. Kuruvilla (named in honour of his paternal grandfather), while Ravi is K. J. John, Pearly is K. J. Mary and Mohan is K. J. Abraham. K. Petsy John is the only one who has the same name for both her official and pet names.

The K.J. Family also includes 18 grandchildren, the eldest being Anna Geevarughese who was born in 1982, while the youngest, Jeshua K. John was born in 1994.

Here are the descendants of Datuk John and Datin Gracy Kuruvilla who make up the K.J. Family:



































Vijayan’s Family

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Eldest son of Datuk K. J. Kuruvila, K. J. Kuruvilla  (Vijayan) B.Sc. (Agriculture), University of Agricultural Science, Bangalore, India, MBA (University of Bath, U.K.). He had worked with Guthrie, as Manager, then as General Manager for a group of estates under Bukit Darah Estate. After his retirement, he started an IT firm. He is also a Director of an oil palm estate in Kalimantan and is involved in other businesses and active in social organisations. His wife, Lysa Manavalan B.Sc. (India), M.Sc. (UK) is teaching in ELC International School in Sierramas, Sungai Buloh. Together, they have four children: the eldest, a daughter, Grace Kuruvilla, graduated in IT Engineering and is employed; the second, Rose, has just graduated with a degree in law from the United Kingdom, the third and fourth boys, Antony and John, both are in school.


Ravi’s Family

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Dr. K. J. John (Ravi) graduated with a Bachelor of Economics (Hons.) from University of Malaya, M.Sc. (Brs.) and later completed his PhD with the University of Wisconsin in the US. He worked as P.T.D. Officer for 32 years in various sectors of the government. He was with the Prime Minister’s Department, later in INTAN, first as a lecturer, then as its Registrar; in MITI as its Director and in MIMOS as its Vice President. Going for optional retirement at 54, he is now doing his own private business and engaged in a social ministry for God. His wife, Doreen B.Sc., M.Sc. (USA) is working as Academic Coordinator with the MACCEE. Together, they have five children, four boys and a girl. The eldest son, Johann John who was on a Malaysian Government scholarship graduated in the United States and is currently working as an executive with a company in California, USA. Their daughter, Daenielle John graduated in Sociology in USA and is also employed there. The other three boys, Josef, Isaak and Jeshua are still in public schools.



Pearly’s Family


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Mary John (Pearly) B.A., Dip.Ed. (U.M.) was Principal of Convent Secondary School, Johor Baru, who retired on October 31, 2007 upon turning 56. She is married to Rev. Dr. Geevarughese George B.Th. (S’pore), M.Th. (S’pore) and Doctorate in Ministry (USA). He is the Senior Pastor of Malaysia Discipleship Centre. They have three daughters. The eldest, Anna Geevarughese graduated in Forestry (UPM) and Masters from the National University of Singapore and is currently employed in Singapore. The second, Charis Geevarughese graduated from Help University College in Psychology and has already left for the United States to do her PhD under the Fullbright scholarship. The third, Krystal is now doing an American Foundation Programme.
























Mohan’s Family


























Dato’ Ir. K. J. Abraham (Mohan) B.Eng.(U.M), MSc in Engineering, Delft, Holland, is  the Deputy Director General (Operation) of the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) Malaysia. He is married to Mary John (Shirley) B.Sc. & B.Ed. (USM) who is teaching in a secondary school in Petaling Jaya. They have three children – Hanna, the eldest, who has graduated in Dentistry from Manipal University in, India, the second, Benjamin Jon is studying Engineering in Christchurch, New Zealand on a government scholarship and the third, daughter Elsheba, is in secondary school.




Petsy’s Family


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 K. Petsy John, the youngest, B.Sc. (Survey & Valuation) (UK), Diploma in Properties (N.Z) is a Senior District Valuer of the Valuation and Property Services Department, Kuala Lumpur. She is married to Ir. Mamman George B.E (Hons) (Civil)(M.U), M.S. (E.WRE) (Vanderbilt U),PMP® , who is one of the Senior Principal Assistant Directors of Public Works Department in Kuala Lumpur. They have three children. The eldest, Sara Anne is in the US, studying for her Bachelor of Science (Biology) under the Malaysian Government Scholarship. The second, Caleb George Mamman is studying Psychology in Help University College; and the youngest daughter, Sonia Grace is in Form Four.







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